Private Sector Partnerships

When businesses partner with TRICOR, production is brought directly inside the prison. Raw materials are brought to the facility and finished goods leave. To make it simple – we provide creative workforce solutions for your labor needs.


Our partners have found Offender labor to be quality-focused and cost effective.

TRICOR partners also enjoy knowing they are helping the community. Not only are they helping to teach valuable job skills and lowering recidivism, but our partners are also helping to offset an Offender’s current cost of incarceration. Some of the many ways that our partners help offset the cost of incarceration is that 35% of all Offender wages go to offset the cost of training programs and another 5% goes to the Victim’s Restitution Fund. The remaining money may go back to an Offender’s family to help out with the family’s education, children’s activities or simply the family’s survival.


TRICOR presently holds certification authority from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) through the Private Sector/Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program (PIE). This authority allows state prison industries to sell manufactured goods in interstate commerce and to bid on Federal contracts. BJA contracts the administrative components of the PIE program to the National Correctional Industries Association (NCIA). The NCIA is an affiliate body of the American Correctional Association and The Jail Industries Association.


Please feel free to contact Michael Nash at 615-686-7228 or TRICOR for more information on our partnership programs.