The TRICOR Agriculture program currently operates two farms within the State of Tennessee. A dairy operation at BCCX and a row crop operation at WTSP.  In total, Agriculture programs up to 49 Offenders daily per year. Working closely with the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture Extension Service, each farm provides an environment of constant learning. Offenders are exposed to modern practices in animal husbandry, crop science, data management, resource management, equipment/engine repair and industrial maintenance.

Row Crops:

rowcrop-img1.pngCurrently, the WTSP farm located in Henning, TN cultivates approximately 2,500 acres of soybeans, corn and wheat. The farm's equipment fleet includes harvesting equipment capable of yield mapping technology and two tractors with GPS capability. Offenders learn skills in GPS mapping, variable rate nutrient application and modern equipment operation.


dairy-img1_0.pngThe dairy located at BCCX Farm in Pikeville, TN milks an average of 200 cows twice per day. 250 acres of corn silage and 250 acres of hay are produced each year in support of the dairy. Operating under a Concentrated Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP), Offenders learn the importance of nutrient management and the impact nutrients can have on the environment. The farm has a working partnership with the University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine, who not only provides veterinary services to the farm, but uses the farm for training of 4th year veterinary students.